GDM Finance SARL


A world with no boundaries, where trade & investment are not constrained. Providing opportunities that are not limited by regulations. Building bridges that extend beyond the financial industry.

We operate globally, using the exchange market of every financial industry, using the top Financial Analysts and Fund Managers with the most up-to-date procedures, creating outstanding results. Global Dynamic Management work in every Financial Market, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, endlessly leveraging on opportunities, seeking high yields with managed risk

– Gianni Di Martino, Chairman of Global Dynamic Management (GDM) Financial SARL

Our Key Management

Corporate success came from corporate culture. A Management behind our rich culture which rewards and invests in financial talents to seek out and break into what’s new in the market.

  • Joe Almond Chief Investment Officer

    After graduating from the Harvard Business School in 1999, Joe Almond worked as a Fund Manager at Citibank. He subsequently served as Head of Fund Management at Goldman Sachs. Due to his outstanding performance, he was recruited at a high salary by Merrill Lynch and promoted to the role of Deputy Chief Investment Officer. Following his achievements at Merrill Lynch, he was recruited by GDM to serve as its Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Almond’s investment plans and long-term vision have made a great contribution to our work, making him indispensable and inspirational figure for our company.

  • David Kane
    David Kane Chief Executive Officer

    David Kane graduated from Cambridge University in 1980. Following graduation, he served as a private banker, investor, and risk control officer at Barclays Bank. In 1988, Mr. Kane joined the Credit Suisse Group, becoming their Chief Marketing Officer. Finally, in 2009, he joined GDM as its CEO.

Our Funds

Agricultural Fund


Global Gold Fund


Alternative Energy Fund

GDM Finance SARL is currently re-locating in Switzerland to a larger office as our team size had grow. We will update our new Switzerland address soon.