About GDM Finance SARL


We operate globally, utilizing financial markets around the world. Our experienced analysts and market fund managers together with advanced programming guarantee outstanding results. GDM operates in every major market 24 hours a day and five days a week, constantly trading, adjusting to market changes, and seeking opportunities for a high return on investment.

Management Model

GDM only employs fund managers with outstanding records in order to give us an advantage in the market and provide our valued customers with a safe platform that enables them to earn fantastic returns. Management undergo training with the priority on protecting customers’ investments.

Innovative Technology

Using our patented fund management process, we are able to rapidly respond to changes in market dynamics. Our cutting-edge technology and customized programming enables almost instant switching from long positions to short positions. Market analysis for all conditions ensures that our funds are always in the right place.

GDM Fund Groups

In 2017, we launched three new funds, investing our assets into the global market. We are able to convert each separate part of each of the funds into investment dollars, responding immediately to market activity and changes. Our innovative and dynamic management model has demonstrated its worth since 2010. In 2017, we are striving to achieve even better results. We are committed to providing a secure and profitable platform for our valued customers.




GDM Finance SARL is currently re-locating in Switzerland to a larger office as our team size had grow. We will update our new Switzerland address soon.