Agricultural Fund (AF)

About Agricultural Fund (AF)

About Agricultural Fund (AF)


gricultural Fund is designed to increase total return. The fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in equity securities of agricultural companies.

Agricultural companies are engaged in agriculture, agricultural chemicals, equipment and infrastructure, agricultural commodities and food products, bio fuels, crop science, farmland, and forestry.

Funds Structures

Agricultural Trade

Agricultural Trade


lobal consumption and increase demands for agricultural related products had prompt GDM to take an interest into the Agricultural Trade and the growth is stable and providing outstanding returns.


iversifying our portfolio across different type of agricultural products had prove to be fruitful throughout this years.

Growing appetite from China & other countries had prompt for more innovation and capital to increase productions.


arket performance had been a stable bullish trend through the years of 2010-2017 for Agricultural related securities.

Our investment are separated into mainly on the agricultural on the region of South Korea, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia and etc.


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